In this issue 18 of the Art of Watercolour, released in March 2015, we have new rubriques: My last painting, Readers' contest, My favourite painting, Seen on Facebook.

2 Polish are distinguished in this release: Stanislaw Zoladz and Andrzej Gosik.

Watercolor is set to music by Carlos Leon and George Salazar Artaud, best French artist in the international competition, shares his sense of detail. Guan Weixing who won the 2nd award has his protraits in a portfolio.

The file is devoted to Spain with four Spanish artists. Let us finish with the landscapes of the British Chris Robinson.

Asian watercolor is once again in the spotlight with the Shenzhen International Biennale and meetings with Taiwanese Huang Hsiao-Hui, Chen-Wen Cheng, Adisorn Pornsirikarn, Chien Chung Wei et Tan Suz Chiang. Taiwanese to whom must be added the Thai roses of Adisorn Pornsirikarn or the Parisian scenes of Bancha Sriwong-Rach, the Indian Amit Kapoor and the Singaporean Ky Tam.

The record reveals the new generation of watercolor in Russia with Dasha Rybinal, Konstantin Sterkhov, Alexander Votsmush and Anna Ivanova.

An encounter with the colors of Barbara Nechis and the nudes of Franck Perrot.

The issue 16 of the Art of Watercolour was released in September 2014.

The winners among the 23 finalists of the global contest of watercolor are finally revealed to us.

We meet the Malaysian Lok Kerk Hwang who paints ordinary objects. 2 portraitists in this review: Sylvie Griselle and the American David Lobenberg. After a visit to the studio of 'rust and iron'pf Peter Jablokow, let's take a walk at fall with the British landscaper Joe Dowden, or throught the Alpes Maritimes historical tracks with the couple Bernard Alunni & Christine Lemayeur.

The issue 15 of the Art Of Watercolour was released in June 2014.

This issue introduces us to today's masters, with Russian Elena Bazanova, Canadian Carol Evans, American Richard Stephens, Chinese landscaper Huang Tie Shan, Indian Chinmaya Panda, Mexican-Peruvian portraitist José Apaza and Ukrainian Slawa Prishedko. But also the artists of tomorrow, giving us a list of 295 artists who passed the second stage of international competition in 2014, and eight young artists under thirty years.

The 14th issue of Art of Watercolour was released in March 2014.

The magazine is making a focus on hyper-realism, with the American Sandra Walker, window reflection of David Stickel, portfolio of Stephen Scott Young, and finally technical articles written by Rose Edin, Susan Harrison-Tustain and Dmitry Rozdin.

The 2013 winter issue focuses more particularly on colour: techniques with Ann Pember and Janine Gallizia.

Take a stroll at Landscapers and plein air painting, discover the overwhelming portraits of Alzheimer's patients with Herman Van Hoogdalem.

In this issue 12 of the Art of Watercolour, released in September 2013, we have new rubriques: My last painting, Readers' contest, My favourite painting, Seen on Facebook.

It gives pride of place to North America, with portraits of Janet Flom, natures staged by Evelyn Dunphy, the Tempera technique and watercolor of Stan Miller.

In the Canadian part, we discover the style of Donna Zagotta, then let's be moved by teddy bears of Ona Kingdon.

The big interview is held with Chien Chung Wei. Jesús Lozano Saorin is in Portfolio