Do not leave empty-handed, I have prepared something for you

Get lost in the Medina of Casablanca.

Which of the place or its inhabitants shape the other? Ricochet.

A movie of the watercolor with original music by OAMM and Minetti on guitar.

A journey in 5 stages of the same view, in an elliptical trajectory.

Leaving from and returning to the same point, Ellipse is an artistic experience that seeks to surprise you at each of these stages, yet expected.

A movie with original music from OAMM and Minetti on guitar.

It's a mess!

Welcome to Casablanca's bazaar.

A movie about the watercolour with an exclusive music from OAMM and Minetti playing the guitar.

For this watercolour, I have chosen an urban landscape.

Fall colours over the beautiful buildings of Madrid.

A movie shows the execution of the painting.

For the year 2017, Set free your creativity!

The making-of the greating card.

A competition between digital and brushes! The story in pictures on YouTube.

I offer a serie of techno dance aniblocks.

You can see the rendered animation on YouTube.


Below 2 aniblocks for horses:

You can see the animation on YouTube.


3 portraits of Loriane, Gabrielle and Gauthier, assembled in the same composition.

A short movie shows the live-painting of a portrait, the full version displays the 9 paintings.

We wish you a happy new year, with this 2014 edition of our greeting card !

It was inspired from a cruise we had on the Li river, as you can see on this movie.


Download the watercolor notebook compiling thoughts and observations about the elves.

What makes someone every day different, still being the same person?

In a new episode of XIII, two secret agents wish you a happy new year from the house of the people.

To keep in line with the established tradition, I have painted my 3 darlings in front of Chefchaouen background.

Having read Charles Reid's book,I wanted to paint a nude in his own way.

Classic of the classics, the domes cathedrals are no less compelling.