If you could accompany me to places that do not exist and yet we see

It's a mess!

Welcome to Casablanca's bazaar.

For this watercolour, I have chosen an urban landscape.

Fall colours over the beautiful buildings of Madrid.

Classic of the classics, the domes cathedrals are no less compelling. Also I shaped the project to make a series of 3 watercolours in small format (20 X 20 cm) representing these wonders.

Well here it is, you can finally discover the rest of my artwork.

I say finally because it took me some time. I must say that I am not pretty diligent about painting.Smile

Surrounded by artists as I am, between a husband former expert in figurines who became watercolorist, and my daughter always drawing on the kitchen table or on the floor, I could only end up catching the virus and start drawing or painting.

I left to Bali with my watercolours.

At the end of my trip, I stayed in the hotel room in front of my papers and my brushes.