If you could accompany me to places that do not exist and yet we see

At the request of Gervaise, I took over Ellipse 3 on a larger format (40X37cm).

The story of a special painting..

A journey in 5 stages of the same view, in an elliptical trajectory.

Leaving from and returning to the same point, Ellipse is an artistic experience that seeks to surprise you at each of these stages, yet expected.

It's a mess!

Welcome to Casablanca's bazaar.

For this watercolour, I have chosen an urban landscape.

Fall colours over the beautiful buildings of Madrid.

Classic of the classics, the domes cathedrals are no less compelling. Also I shaped the project to make a series of 3 watercolours in small format (20 X 20 cm) representing these wonders.

Well here it is, you can finally discover the rest of my artwork.

I say finally because it took me some time. I must say that I am not pretty diligent about painting.Smile